Concierge V2 (2.0) Visual Editor

The Concierge V2 (also known as Concierge 2.0) Visual Editor provides easy way to construct your own custom Concierge's landing page, which will appear before chat users engage the bot. This article explains how to use the tool.

In this easy editor, you can pick and choose from the following:

  • A Helpdesk LiveChat Availability indicator
  • Color-coded, actionable banners for important messages and alerts
  • Content Cards, which are custom-ordered flexible sections of titles, text descriptions, images, and buttons that either launch your chat users into a session with that phrase (which you'll need an inquiry variant for) or link out to a URL of your choosing.  You can even add video sections, embedding content from Youtube or elsewhere on the web!
  • HTML code to present custom rich content.  (Note that this requires a change in security policies for the concierge.  You'll need to navigate to the "Other" tab in your concierge settings and check the box for "Allow Javascript in Capacity response" to enable this.)
  • A Helpdesk card

Before you flip the switch to use 2.0 in a production environment, check out the preview of your content to the right of the editor.  

If you'd like to reuse a particularly useful design in a different concierge, you can navigate from the Visual Editor to the JSON Editor, then copy the code, and paste it to the other concierge.  However, you'll want to be careful when viewing the JSON for an important concierge.  If you change it, it can have an impact on what's in the Visual Editor.

Finally, if you haven't already, you'll need to enable the concierge with a simple switch at the top of the editor.  If you'd like to revert to the old concierge design, simply flip the switch back to the off position.

For tips and best practices on creating your concierge menu check out this recording from our webinar:

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