Automations Overview


Automations allow you to take an action when a given event occurs inside of Capacity applications.  Unlike a Workflow (that invokes on a schedule, manually or through a Guided Conversation),


The Application specifies which part of the platform being listened to.


Triggers are  Events to listen for. For example, in the Helpdesk Application, an event might be "Ticket Created" or "Ticket Updated".

Here is a list of Automations features.

Helpdesk: Ticket CreateNow
Helpdesk: Ticket UpdatedNow
Helpdesk: Time IntervalNow
Helpdesk: Correspondence CreatedNow
Helpdesk: Interaction CreatedNow
Helpdesk: SLA BreachedQ3 2022
Analytics: Analytics Event CreatedNow
Cloud Drive: Document UploadedQ3 2022
Email: Inbound Email Received
Q3 2022


Conditions allow you to create if statements to execute when the event occurs. If statements can contain logical operators like:

  • >
  • <
  • >=
  • <=
  • =
  • contains

You can also add multiple Conditions to a given Automation.


Actions indicate what you want Capacity to do when an event occurs and a condition is satisfied. Here is a list of Automations features.

Send an EmailNow
Start a WorkflowNow
Update a TicketNow

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