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Web Concierge

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Capacity’s proprietary Web Concierge can be installed on any of your sites to capture leads and provide 24/7, Tier 0 customer support. It can also be installed on an intranet to answer team members’ frequently asked questions for a superior employee experience.

Adding Concierge to your Website

  1. Request your organization’s concierge code from your implementation by filling out an Information Request Form. This helps to make sure your Concierge has the appropriate company branding: Colors, Icon, Welcome Message, etc.
  2. Take your custom Concierge code and add it to your website. 

NOTE: You should have received a code during initial setup. To have a new code sent to you, please get in contact with us via at 

Branding Guidelines

The Concierge can be customized to match your company’s branding. During setup, you have the option to customize your Concierge. To submit your custom branding requests to Capacity, simply fill out this Branding Request Form

Your Company Logo: Use a high resolution, or .SVG file.

Banner Header: Provide 2-3 HEX codes that match your website branding guidelines. 

Welcome Message: Your welcome message is the first message your users see. Use this initial contact to steer users in the right direction. 

CoPilot Message

When the user asks a question the Capacity bot has not learned how to answer, you can send a CoPilot message directing them to connect via email, or to provide more information via a Guided Conversation.

  1. Give them the option to connect directly to a team member or leave an email address if it’s not time sensitive.
  2. Instead of displaying a standard message when Capacity doesn't know the answer, you are able trigger a Guided Conversation to collect additional information, trigger a response via email, or create a custom action through an integrated app.

In order to use a guided conversation with your Copilot Message, please contact

Multi-Concierge Access

If multi-Concierge is turned on for your account, you can link up to five separate instances of Concierge to your account. Each concierge can be linked a specific group(s) of exchanges. Example: 

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