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Welcome to Capacity! Capacity is a secure, AI-native knowledge sharing platform. Think of it as artificial intelligence to help you save time and work smarter. 

This five step guide will help you get the most out of the Capacity platform. We’ll walk through how to get setup, managing your inbox and feedback, importing your company’s information to the Knowledge Base, basic troubleshooting and how to reach out to our Support Team if you run into any issues. 

Step 1: Set Up your Account

Use this section to ensure any bot customizations and console settings have been set up. We will provide an implementation specialist to guide you through the entire process, so don’t worry if this seems a little overwhelming!

  • Power-up Helpdesk
    • Our implementation team will get you started by importing your first documents and acronyms.  
    • Send branding requests to your implementation specialist
    • Install concierge on your website 
  • Upload custom bot into your team's communication system. (Slack, MS Teams, Symphony)

Step 2: How does it work? 

Your CoPilot Console is your business headquarters, where you can take care of everything from responding to inbounds and feedback, to managing content and more.

Step 3: Start Adding Content 

Step 4: Train Your Team and Go Live

Now that your all of your documents and settings have been updated, your Helpdesk has been jump started with information, and you’re ready to train your team. We recommend working with our implementation specialists to set up a testing phase where Capacity will continue to learn how your users interact with the bot and how it can return the best information. During this testing phase is where you can introduce Capacity to your team and help them get acquainted with how the platform works. 

Step 5: Grow your Business with Capacity

Once you’ve integrated Capacity’s platform with your business’ knowledge, expand your business with partner integrations, Developer’s Platform, Apps Platform, and more. 

Connect With Third-Party Apps

Capacity integrates with a host of popular enterprise apps and platforms. For a complete breakdown, head over to our app store.

Developer’s Platform

Whether you’re a developer who wants to go in and tinker around, a business analyst looking to get data from multiple places, or an admin who just wants to manage Capacity’s skills, our Developer Platform is for everyone.

Third-Party Integrations

With our robust collection of conversational interfaces and app integrations, you can ask Capacity questions just like you would a colleague. The only difference is Capacity doesn’t sleep.

What if I lose my way?

Get in touch with our Capacity Support team anytime at Our business hours are Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST and we are able to reply typically within a few hours. 

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