Responding to Feedback

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When users interact with Capacity, they have the option to leave feedback by giving a thumbs-up if the answer was helpful, or thumbs-down if the answer was not helpful and/or needs improvement.

Answers that are given a thumbs-down are routed to the Helpdesk as Feedback. CoPilots have many options to address feedback and teach Capacity how to respond to the inquiry. Once an inquiry has been resolved by a CoPilot, Capacity learns the answer and will be able to correctly respond to that inquiry from that point forward. In this article, we’ll discuss the different ways a CoPilot can respond to user feedback.

Edit Existing Response

  1. Click on an inquiry to select it. This will take you to the “Edit Existing Exchange” page where you’ll be able to update the response. 
  2. Using feedback as a guide on what information needs to be updated, click on the “Edit” button to begin crafting your updated response.

NOTE: For a more detailed explanation on how to create/update exchanges, check out the Exchanges article.

Connecting to Existing Exchange

  1. Click on the inquiry you want to connect to an existing exchange, then click the “Add as New Exchange.”
  2. Search for the correct exchange by clicking into the text box under “Connect to an Existing Inquiry,” and click on the appropriate exchange. 
  3. Select the appropriate exchange and click the blue “Save & Resolve” button.

NOTE: You are also able to update how the original inquiry was worded by clicking into the “Flagged Inquiry” text box, editing the text, and clicking the “Save” button.

Creating New Responses

  1. Select an inquiry and click “Add as New Exchange.”
  2. On the right side of the navigation bar, you will see “Create New Exchange.” 
  3. After you have created your new response, click “Save & Resolve” to save the new exchange and resolve the user feedback.

Place Feedback On Hold

For Feedback that is not ready to be resolved or dismissed, CoPilots have the option to mark the Feedback as "On Hold" giving them the option to view all postponed Feedback later.

  1. Click on the inquiry you want to connect to an existing exchange, then click On Hold.
  2. Click the blue Place on Hold button to place the Inquiry on hold. 

Reopen On Hold Feedback

Feedback that has been placed on hold can be reopened once a CoPilot is ready to respond.

  1. Click on the Feedback you would like to reopen.
  2. Click the blue Reopen button to place the Feedback back into Open status.

Note: If you do not see your Feedback, ensure the appropriate filters are turned on.

Dismiss Feedback

  1. Click on an inquiry to select it, then click on the “Dismiss” icon.
  2. If there are any notes you would like to save with the dismissal, enter them in the text box below the inquiry and click “Dismiss.”

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