Email Validation Function

Determine if a chat user submits a valid email address by using the following app action cards in a guided conversation. 

Input: string (chat user input)

Returns: boolean (true for valid email, false for invalid)

To use:

1. In the left hand panel of your guided conversation, select + Add Application. This will bring up a search menu.

2. Search for and select Miscellaneous Functions. You will now be able to use the Email Validation function.

In the Guided Conversation:

1. Once you've asked a user to input their email or you have a variable you'd like to check, you can pass the value to the Email Validation function. For further details on working with guided conversations, go to Working with guided conversations.


2. You can then use a logic card to check if the output of that function — {{valid_email}} — is "True" or "False" (Note: "True" / "False" must be capitalized, and the variable name between the curly braces must be lowercase)

The logic card:

3. Actions upon successful validation should be added below the "If valid email" path, and actions following an unsuccessful validation can be added below the "Fallback" path. Tip: if validation fails, you can use a "skip-to" card to route the user back to the card requesting the user to put in their email address.

Fallback path example:

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