Create Survey

Create New Survey

Navigate to surveys application in Capacity console and click on + New Survey in the top right corner. Give your new survey a name and save.

Add Survey questions

Click on the + button in the survey builder to start creating your survey. All edits are auto-saved but you need to publish to update the actual survey.

The following card types are available to create a survey. Click here for detailed descriptions of each card type.

Publish changes

Before you preview or run your survey, you will need to publish any changes that you have made.

Preview Survey

Before distributing the survey, you can test the survey in preview mode by clicking on the button.

You need to publish the survey at least once to activate preview. You need to publish after making changes to test updated survey in preview mode.

Survey will start in the concierge embedded in preview. All survey responses in preview mode will be saved as "test" responses and can be filtered out from analytics. 

Get Survey Results

After the survey has run, you can download your survey results. Go to where the survey was created, then click the three buttons on the top right. One of the options that appears is Download Responses. 

Then the survey results will download into a file at the bottom of your screen.

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