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Knowledge Base Overview

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The Knowledge Base is where all your organization’s knowledge lives. Here you are able to add and organize information, manage permissions for who can view which information, and manage which information is sent to which concierge.

The sidebar is a blue bar that runs along the left side of the CoPilot Console. From the sidebar, you can create new Folders, Dialogues and Exchanges. This sidebar also houses filters and your Knowledge Library.

Content Area

The Content Area is the large space on the right side of the Knowledge Base, and is where you are able to view the information in an exchange.

The Knowledge Base contains an In-Page search that allows you to find any content located in the current page. The in-page search is located on the right side of the console next to the “Add” and “Permissions” buttons.


Enables CoPilots to display Exchanges by status, helping CoPIlots quickly view, manage, or edit information.

You can filter Exchanges by the following status:

  1. New Exchanges - View all recently added Exchanges.
  2. Recently Updated - See recently updated Exchanges.
  3. Expiring Soon - View Exchanges that will expire within 30 days.
  4. Expired - View any Exchange that has expired.
  5. On Hold - Places an exchange on hold for CoPilots to update at a later time.

Knowledge Library 

The Knowledge Library houses all your organization’s information and is located in the Knowledge Base. To navigate to your Knowledge Base, click the lightbulb icon in the blue navigation bar and look to the light blue side bar for Knowledge Library.


CoPilots use folders to help keep knowledge organized. Think about folders as a way to keep similar topics/subjects grouped together for quick access.

To create a new folder, click the “New” button located at the top of the blue side bar and select the folder option. This will bring up options to name your folder, grant groups access, and/or nest it inside an existing folder.


A LivePage is a type of exchange that pulls information in real-time from a website. When a user asks a question that matches an available response, Capacity will retrieve the answer from where it’s featured on the webpage. 

Because webpages often change, and sometimes dramatically, Capacity will check to make sure the answer hasn’t changed too much. If the answer has substantially changed, Capacity will send the CoPilot a notice. 

Creating a New LivePage Exchange

  1. Create a new LivePage Exchange by clicking the “New” button located in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Next, select the LiveExchange option from the dropdown menu on the left side of the window. 
  3. After filling in the information, click the “Save” button to add this exchange to your Knowledge Library.


A Dialogue houses different types of Exchanges (Standard Exchange, LivePage, or Conversation). Think of a Dialogue as a topic or subject. Exchanges contained in a dialogue will all be related to the same topic or subject.

To create a new Dialogue, click the “New” button located at the top of the blue side bar and select the “Dialogue” option. This will bring up options to name your Dialogue, grant group access to this Dialogue, and/or add to a folder. 

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