Validate Email with Code

Need to validate a chat user's email address? We have an app that can email the user a unique code, and ask them to verify that code in your chat bot before proceeding. This app is available in Capacity App Center. Turn it on today, build it into a guided conversation, and test it out. 

Turn on Email Verification application

  1. Navigate to App Center in Capacity Console
  2. Locate the "Verify Email With Code" app and hit toggle to turn on
  3. You can now use this app in a guided conversation. Proceed to the next section.

Build Guided Conversation

  1. Go to Knowledge Base in Capacity Console
  2. Go to desired dialogue (you can add a new dialogue by selecting (in upper right-hand corner) Add > Create Dialogue)
  3. Once in your dialogue, select Add exchange (upper right-hand corner)
  4. On the left, add inquiry variants, and on the right, select Conversation > Start from scratch > Save and continue (Note: You will not be able to select "Save and continue" until you have entered at least one inquiry variant.)
  5. Select "Edit the conversation" to begin building/editing the guided conversation.
  6. In the left panel, click "Add Application". Search for "Miscellaneous Functions", and click it. The application can now be used in the builder.
  7. Below is an example of how email verification can be incorporated into a guided conversation. For further details on working with guided conversations, go to Working with guided conversations.
    1. The logic card:
  8. Edit cards and verbiage as desired. Actions after a successful verification should be added below the "Password matches" path, and actions for an unsuccessful verification should be added below the "Fallback" path.
    1. One possible edit might be to forgo the first collect info card that asks for the user's email address and, instead, use the existing {{}} variable, which is available if the concierge is authenticated.
    2. The email variable used should be the email variable used throughout the guided conversation.

Additional Resources

For help with Guided Conversations or any of the above topics, please get in touch with our support team at

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