Working with Guided Conversations

A Guided Conversation (GC) is a type of Exchange. Guided conversations are organized in your Knowledge Base the same way a Standard Exchange is. In this article, we outline the basics of creating guided conversations, and the types of cards available.

Add a New Guided Conversation

  1. Select a dialogue in which to add your Guided Conversation, and click the +Add exchange button in the top right corner.
  2. Add an inquiry, which is the question the user will ask.
  3. Choose Conversation as the response type. Select "Blank template" in the dropdown and click Save and Continue.
  4. Choose the Blank Template, and click Build Response. 
  5. You are now in the Exchange Details screen. Click Edit the conversation in the top right corner. This will take you to the conversation editor. 

Add a card

Press the plus button and select the type of card. The type will be shown in the dropdown menu at the upper left-hand corner of the card.

Delete a card

Hit the trashcan icon in the upper right-hand corner of the card.

Using Variables

To save a variable collected, type a variable name into the "Save selection as" box in the top right corner of collect info, multiple path, datetime, dropdown, rating scale, and file upload card. 

To use the variable, click the lightening bolt icon in the corner of the text box. Then click on the variable to insert it.

Create a Guided Conversation Template

To create a guided conversation template, navigate through the knowledge base to the guided conversation you wish to make a template.

1. Click into edit mode in the GC.
2. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner.
3. Click "Save Template".

Next time you +Add a new GC, choose "Use a Template" under the Conversation header.

Note: If you would like to update one of your Guided Conversation Templates, update your original GC, and republish. This will update that template going forward (but not templates that have already been published, that would need to be updated manually) 

For training on building Guided Conversations check out our July 2023 webinar recording. 

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