Guided Conversation Variables

Global Variables

To access variables in a guided conversation, click the lightning bolt in the top right corner. Global variables are at the bottom of the list in blue. 


This is the transcript of the specific conversation which is currently being used. An example way to use this would be to put it in a the description of a Helpdesk ticket card. This would allow the helpdesk agent to see the full guided conversation back and forth while working the ticket. 


This is the unique ID for your account. You may use this when building integrations with Capacity's internal APIs. 


This is the reply-to email set on your account. Settings -> Org Settings > Email.


This is the input from the chat user that triggered this conversation. An example of using this may be putting it into a description of a helpdesk ticket to let the agent know the original question from the chat user. 


This is the input that was matched to trigger this conversation. 


This is the unique ID of the input that was matched to trigger this conversation. 


This pulls the current UTC datetime stamp. Sometimes this timestamp is used for 3rd party integrations. 


This is the transcript of the chat user's entire session with the chat bot. This is best used in the Helpdesk Ticket card in "Additional Info".  Add a field here, name is "transcript" and add the session.transcript as the value. It will appear as a blue hyperlink in the right panel of any ticket made from the guided conversation. A modal will pop up with the full session transcript. 


This is best used for 3rd party integrations that require us to send the session transcript. It will include HTML to display properly in other systems. For proper display in Capacity, SESSION.TRANSCRIPT is recommended. 

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