Simple Logic Builder

Capacity has been designed as a low-code environment for automating help desk functions.  A robust and efficient Guided Conversation built for your concierge is a great mechanism with which to deflect traditional support inquiries.  

One challenge presents itself when users want to build branching logic into these flows.  Up until now, expressions written in the Lua programming language have been the only way to route users.  Last week, we introduced a far simpler way to construct Guided Conversations: the Simple Logic Builder!

To try it out, navigate to a new or existing Guided Conversation, click + to create a card, and select the Logic edge under the Conversation Flow heading.

Next, in the presented window, create one or a series of expressions that, if true when evaluated, will continue the chat user down a named path.

For example, if a user enters a street name in a Collect Info card, you can check if the provided value contains a specific word.  The path in the screenshot above would be triggered after the user has entered "Main St.", "Main Street", and "Main," without needing to write any code - a big advantage of using the Capacity platform!

Note that you can always view the corresponding Lua expression(s) by clicking the Simple/Code switch in the top right of the modal.

This is useful for two reasons: for very complex expressions that aren't easily constructed, Lua can still be used.  Also, if you've previously written a Guided Conversation using Lua, you can now switch to the Simple Logic Builder by just clicking the switch.

Hopefully you're more confident in building logic into your flows, and good luck!

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