Concierge Custom CSS

Sometimes a custom look and feel for the concierge is desired. This can be accomplished by utilizing custom css on the pages (or sites) where the concierge is present.

How to add custom css to concierge?

To add custom styling to the concierge follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Knowledge Management
  2. Navigate to the site where your concierge is present
  3. Find the "Custom CSS" section in right section with site settings
  4. Define and add your custom css styling for the concierge. This will require knowledge of CSS and how to "target" the correct elements of the concierge to style. Tip: Find a dev!

Note: If your concierge is present on a site not managed by Capacity, you will need to manually add your own CSS to that site

How to hide documents in concierge results?

Sometimes you may want to prevent documents from showing up in the concierge auto responses. To prevent documents from showing follow these steps:
  1. In the web console navigate to Knowledge Management, then the Site where concierge is present
  2. Update site settings "Custom CSS" by adding (copy pasting) the following code:
     ".ajc_dialogInputAutocomplete.ajc_fadeIn a[href*="&page="] {display:none !important;}"

The above code will hide document results within the auto response of the concierge.

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