Deploy and Distribute Survey

Survey + Web Concierge

A survey can be started in any Capacity web concierge chatbot hosted on your company's websites. 

Settings: Webpage URL

The first thing to configure after building a survey is to add a website url that has a Capacity concierge hosted. 

Note: The website url you specify in Settings needs to also have a web concierge. Otherwise a survey cannot be kicked off.

Distribute Survey

Survey Link

After you have provided a web url for the Capacity Web Concierge where you want to kick off the survey, the survey share link  will be activated.

You can click on link button and copy the survey url. The survey link should be formatted as below:


There are multiple ways to send a survey to respondents in a web concierge. 

  • Send Survey via email

    Sending a survey link via email will vary depending on whether the web concierge is for authenticated users or not. 

Authenticated Respondents

Unauthenticated Respondents

Other Settings

Multiple Responses

Start/End Dates

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