Using the Encompass Integration

Once you have worked with your customer success manager to set up your Encompass integration, you can use ask your chat bot the following lookups. For each lookup you will be asked whether you'd like to search by borrower name or loan number. When searching by loan number you can enter the last five digits.

1. Look up status of a loan 

  • Look up the status of a loan
  • View loan status
  • Lookup loan status
  • What is the loan status

2. Look up loan details

  • Show loan details
  • Loan overview
  • View loan details

3. Look up loan borrower information

  • Lookup borrower information
  • Lookup borrower on a loan
  • Show me the loan borrower information

4. Look up the loan team

  • Look up loan underwriter information
  • Lookup underwriter information
  • Who is the underwriter on loan
  • What team is on the loan
  • Show me the team on the loan

5. Look up loan LTV

  • Lookup LTV in Encompass
  • Look up the LTV on a loan
  • What's the LTV on the loan

6. Look up loan lock status

  • Show me the loan lock status
  • What is the lock status for the loan
  • What's the lock status for the loan

7. Look up loan closing date

  • Lookup the closing date of a loan
  • When is the loan closing
  • What is the closing time for the loan

8. Look up loan agents

  • Lookup agents on a loan
  • Who are the agents on the loan
  • Show me the agents on the loan

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