Encompass Chat Responses

1. Look up status of a loan (can search by borrower name or loan number)

  • Look up the status of a loan
  • View loan status
  • Lookup loan status
  • What is the loan status

2. Look up loan details

  • Show loan details
  • Loan overview
  • View loan details

3. Look up loan borrower information

  • Lookup borrower information
  • Lookup borrower on a loan
  • Show me the loan borrower information

4. Look up loan underwriter information

  • Lookup underwriter information
  • Who is the underwriter on loan
  • Who is the under writer on loan

5. Look up loan LTV

  • Lookup LTV in Encompass
  • Look up the LTV on a loan
  • What's the LTV on the loan

6. Look up loan lock status

  • Show me the loan lock status
  • What is the lock status for the loan
  • What's the lock status for the loan

7. Look up loan closing date

  • Lookup the closing date of a loan
  • When is the loan closing
  • What is the closing time for the loan

8. Look up loan agents

  • Lookup agents on a loan
  • Who are the agents on the loan
  • Show me the agents on the loan

9. Look up earliest possible close date for loan

  • When is the earliest the loan could close
  • Lookup earliest possible close date for loan
  • What is the earliest date that the loan could possibly close

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