Encompass Set Up

Note: An account must be created for your Encompass instance on Ellie Mae’s Developer Connect Portal.

Step 1: Provide the below information

Email the following to your customer success manager, who will request your API credentials from Ellie Mae.
  • Lender Name & State
  • Lender Encompass Instance ID # [begins with BE (Production)]
  • Lender Encompass CID # [10 digits beginning with ‘30’]
  • Lender Contact person name + email address
  • Billing frequency
  • Close date

Note: To connect to your Development Environment instance you will need to provide the appropriate Encompass Instance ID # and Encompass CID #, to be provided to Ellie Mae for the request of the Dev API credentials.

Step 2: Create a new user profile for Capacity

When Capacity receives the API Client ID, the Lender must create a new user profile for the Partner. Once Capacity receives your API keys, we will let you know and you'll then complete the following steps:
  1. On the Organization/Users screen, in the upper panel, click to select an organization folder to which to add the user. You may need to expand the hierarchy to locate the folder.
  2. In the lower panel [Enabled Users], click the New icon.
  3. On the User Details screen, in the left panel, type a User ID.
  4. Select the API User check box.
  5. Enter the Partner's API Client ID. This is the API Client ID provided to the Partner by Ellie Mae. Your company's assigned Encompass Client ID cannot be used here.
  6. The Lender follows the remaining steps in the Add a User process below as applicable. Note that only required fields (denoted with a red asterisk) must be provided to save this new user.

Step 3: Assign a persona to the new user

When adding a new user, the Lender is required to assign a persona to this user. The Lender can assign multiple personas, but at least one of the personas must be set up with permission to access LO Connect in order for this user to access the Lender’s Encompass instance via the APIs. (To enable LO Connect for a persona, in the Personas setting, select the persona, click the Access tab, select both Microsoft Windows Encompass Client and Encompass Mobile (LO Connect in a web browser), and click Save).


Since the Supported Encompass Partner will be restricted from logging into Encompass, none of the access rights defined in the persona will come into play.

Remove from the “Not Accessible Column” on the Persona for any field IDs required for use by the Partner during the integrated exchange of data.

New users indicated as a "Capacity API User" as described here count against the Lender’s enabled user license limits. After the Lender creates the Partner API user, the Lender notifies the Partner that the Partner can now access the Lender’s instance of Encompass using APIs.

Let your customer success manager know once you've completed these steps.

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