Helpdesk Release Notes (Updated 4/10/23)



Helpdesk AI Tools

As part of our focus on providing top-notch service, we are pleased to announce the integration of AI Tools into the Capacity Helpdesk. This optional integration will help agents provide more accurate and timely responses while ensuring faster ticket resolution. This new feature will significantly benefit our customers and agents by allowing them to save time while offering professional and precise responses. We are confident this integration will bring unprecedented confidence and reliability in customer service.

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Helpdesk Filtering: Custom Field Filters

Custom field filters allow users to filter their tickets based on custom fields. To access a custom field filter open the same filter modal like normal. Select the more option and scroll to the bottom of the option box to find a list of custom fields to select. Select the desired custom fields and then filter like normal.

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Support for Audio Files

Capacity's platform supports many different file types.  With the latest release, users can now upload audio files (WAV, MP3, and AIFF formats) in the console as Helpdesk attachments.


Helpdesk Public and Private Reply @mentions

Managing tickets in the Helpdesk often requires communicating with other Capacity users in your organization. Public and Private @mentions now allow you to add users just by @mentioning their name in both public and private replies. To @mention a user, start by typing the "@" symbol, then the name of the user you wish to add. Either click an option from the dropdown that appears or hit "tab" to autofill the @mention.

Important Notes:

  • Private comment @mentions will add the mentioned user as a "watcher" on the ticket. They will receive all future watcher updates for the ticket.
  • Private comments can only @mention users who are members of teams assigned to the ticket's specific Helpdesk project.
  • Public replies can @mention any user in the organization, and will add that user as a "To" address in your reply.

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