Helpdesk Custom Fields

Custom fields give organizations the power to store and manage custom data which can be assigned to individual projects and ticket types. Custom fields can be created by going to Settings > Helpdesk > Custom Fields

Custom field data format types include:

  1. Checkbox (multiple options, multiple choice)
  2. Date
  3. Decimal
  4. Dropdown (multiple options, single choice)
  5. Numeric
  6. Plain text
  7. Radio (multiple options, single choice)

From the Custom Fields settings page you can create name, and edit your custom fields, including the options available for each custom field type.

Custom fields also allow you to indicate whether the data is PHI/PII, and define which projects and ticket types will use the custom fields. Selecting a specific project and ticket type will limit the field so it only shows on that project or ticket type.

Important notes:

  • Custom fields cannot be deleted at this time without a Customer Support request. Be careful to only create as many fields as are needed. Deletion coming soon.
  • Custom fields show up as an option in the Helpdesk Filters for all users. Only create or name custom fields that you are comfortable with other Helpdesk agents being able to view. Visibility restrictions coming soon.

Custom Field Filters

Custom field filters allow users to filter their tickets based on custom fields. To access a custom field filter open the same filter modal like normal. Select the more option and scroll to the bottom of the option box to find a list of custom fields to select. Select the desired custom fields and then filter like normal.

Important Notes

  1. All custom fields are visible regardless of project access.
  2. The text field filter uses “exact match” match search only.
  3. Filters behave the same as always.
    1. Within the selected filter, tickets that match any selected option will return in the ticket list (i.e. or operator)
    2. Tickets that match at least one of the selected options from all selected filters will return in the ticket list (i.e. and operator between filters)
    3. Avoid using symbols in the custom field name. This causes issues with the filter behaviors. 
  4. Numeric, Decimal, and Date filters all have the following operators
    1. Equals, Greater than (GT), Greater than or equal (GTE), Less than (LT), Less than or equal (LTE), Between

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