Helpdesk Filters

Helpdesk filters allow agents to find the tickets they need by filtering on fields and data related to the ticket. In this article we will walk through how to use filters in the Helpdesk.

Search and access filters

Use the search field to search your Helpdesk tickets. Click the “Filter” button to open the new Helpdesk Filter dropdown.

Add new filter options

The new Filter UI starts with 4 default filter options, but more options are available. To add more filter options click the “More” button and select your choices. Options with selected filters will remain available until you click the “X” icon or deselect them from the more option.

Filter Helpdesk tickets

Choose options from the select dropdowns to filter your Helpdesk tickets.

You can reset or clear individual filters by clicking the “refresh” icon. Reset all filters by clicking the “Reset” button at the top.

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