Helpdesk Private Ticket Portal

Capacity Helpdesk aims to create an excellent support experience for both support agents and support users. The Helpdesk Private Ticketing Portal helps us accomplish this goal by allowing authenticated users to access and interact with a full list of their reported tickets. The Helpdesk Private Portal is activated on a per project basis.

How to activate the Private Ticket Portal

To activate the Private Portal go to Settings > Projects page, and select the project for which you want to make a Private Portal accessible. From the project settings page under the Helpdesk Portal Settings section, select the “Private Portal” option, then click Save Changes.

To turn off access to the Private Portal for the selected project, simply select the “No Portal” option and once again save the changes to the project settings.

How to reach the Private Ticket Portal

Unlike the Public Ticket Portal, the Private Portal is always accessible to authenticated users. If the Private Portal is not turned on for any projects, then the user will not see any tickets. Only tickets for projects with the Private Portal activated will show in the portal.

The structure of the link is as follows[your org id here]/tickets

Using the url above, you can add a Private Portal link to your Automations, Workflows, Guided Conversations, and more.

The Helpdesk Private Portal Page

The Private Portal makes it easy for authenticated users to track the status and details of their ticket from a web interface. The interface is mobile responsive and users have the option to “logout”.

Following the Private Portal link will take the user to a privately authenticated page like the one shown below. If the user is already authenticated the will reach the page directly. If the user is unauthenticated they will be redirected to the Capacity log in page, or SSO login page if the organization has SSO enabled.

From the Private Portal, authenticated users can:

  • View a list of all their reported tickets (for projects with the Private Portal active)
  • Close their reported tickets
  • Check the status and details of their reported tickets
  • Send a response to the Helpdesk
  • Logout of the Private Portal

Using the Helpdesk Private Ticket Portal can create a better experience for authenticated customers or users.

Important Notes

  • Authenticated users can view that there are attachments on the ticket, but will not be able to view or access those attachments. They must return to their email thread to see the files.
  • In order for users to have the ability to close their tickets, make sure your admin has selected a default self-closed ticket status for the project's transition graph. This is configured under settings>helpdesk>transitions. 
  • Users who are authenticated in a Capacity concierge will not need to log in a second time to access the Private Portal.
  • Logging out of the Private Portal will require the user to re-authenticate the next time they use any Capacity product (i.e. an authenticated concierge)

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