Helpdesk Organization Level Custom Views

Helpdesk Managers are able to create custom filter views for their entire organization. New saved filters will appear in the left sidebar below the default filter views. Users with Helpdesk Manager permissions can use the filters dropdown in the Helpdesk to create a view, and then name and save that view for the entire organization to view.

Views with filters for which users do not have access will still be visible. However they will not be able to see tickets to which they would not normally have access. i.e. if a user does not have access to a project, and selects a saved view that filters on that project, they will see no tickets.

Adding a custom organization filter view

To add an organization level custom filter view, Helpdesk Managers must use the filters dropdown to create the desired view, then name and save the view using the input at the bottom.

Renaming, reordering, and deleting custom filter views

To rename or delete saved filter views hover over the filter in the left sidebar and click on the three dot icon and select the desired action. Note, deleting a saved filter view will delete the filter for the entire organization.




To re-order the saved filter views simply drag and drop the filters as desired.

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