Helpdesk SLA's (BETA)

A service-level agreement (SLA) is a commitment between you and a client (internal and external). We are proud to introduce Helpdesk SLA's Beta to help Helpdesk Managers track and measure ticket resolution performance of their teams. 

SLA Key Benefits:

  1. Improves Customer Service - Cycle times (time to resolve tickets) will dramatically decrease.
  2. Sets Team Standards - Now that you have an SLA you know exactly what you need to do. It’s time for your team to deliver what you promised. 
  3. Negotiated and Mutually Accepted - It might sound like SLAs are a list of client demands, but in addition to client expectations, a good SLA should also include itemized promises (Assignment, 1st Response, Correspondence and Resolved time) from your team.

Quick Setup Guide

1- Set up a Calendar

This calendar should be based on when your team will be available to work on tickets. It will define which days the the SLA clock will start and stop. For example, if your team celebrates New Years Day, the SLA clock will not count down until the following day.

  1. Go to Settings > Holiday Schedule inside of Capacity Console
  2. Click "+Add"
  3. Name your calendar "US Holiday Calendar"
  4. You an either create a custom calendar or use our built in template (e.g. Add Holidays at the top) that is updated automatically for you. 

2- Set Work Days

This work schedule should be based on when your team will be available to work on tickets. It will define when your SLA clock will start and stop on a per-project basis.

  1. Go to Settings > Projects > Your Project Name inside of Capacity Console
  2. Scroll down to the bottom where it says "Work Days" 
  3. Set Timezone and Holiday Schedule (changes should automatically be saved)

3- Build Your SLA

  1. Go to Settings > SLA (Beta) inside of Capacity Console
  2. Click "+Add"
  3. Add a name/description of your SLA
  4. Select the Projects that your SLA can be applied to
    • NOTE: There is a limitation of 1 SLA per project
  1. Add Priority Target(s)
    1. Assigned - When should a ticket need to be assigned to an agent (e.g. 30 minutes or less)?
    2. 1st Response - When should an agent respond with a personalized message/solution once the ticket arrives in your Project(s)?
    3. Correspondence - When should an agent respond to subsequent replies from your customer?
    4. Resolved - When should a ticket be resolved?
  • NOTE: Currently all transition stages keep the "clock" running. We plan on including additional controls to (to pause tickets) tickets statuses in a later release for SLAs. (e.g. When you're waiting on clarification from a customer)

4- SLA Reporting

  1. Go to Analytics > Tickets - SLA Report inside of Capacity Console

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