Helpdesk Email Signatures

Email signatures are an easy way to add branding and information to ticket replies. The Capacity Helpdesk provides three ways to add a signature to replies sent out from the Helpdesk.

  1. Global Footer Content
  2. Project Level Email Signatures
  3. Agent Email Signatures

There are also a few important caveats to remember about email signatures

  1. Images should be added by pasting an image url after pressing the icon. Directly pasted images might not work, so be sure to test your signatures.
  2. Signatures can only be saved when in the normal preview mode. When using the "code editor" mode, changes will not be saved. Exit the code editor mode to save changes

Global Footer Content

The  global footer applies HTML content to the footer of all emails sent from capacity, not only those sent from the Helpdesk. To add custom global footer content, admins can go to the Settings > Org Settings > Email page, and edit the "footer html" section found at the bottom. Use the "code" icon at the top right of the code editor to edit the HTML directly.

Project Level Email Signatures

Email signatures can be added to individual projects from the settings page for that project. Navigate to the Settings > Projects page, then select the project for which you want to add or edit a signature. At the bottom of the page you can edit the email signature for all emails sent as replies on tickets of that project.

Selecting the "Allow agents to use their own custom signatures" checkbox will make it so agents personalized signatures will show in email replies for that project. If you want to leave out a project signature, just leave the box blank. Be sure to "save" any changes after editing the signature field or altering the checkbox option.

Agent Email Signatures

By selecting the "Allow agents to use their own custom signatures" option from the project settings, custom agent signatures will be included in email replies on tickets of that project. To edit your personal agent signature, click your profile icon at the top right and select "Profile & Account". 

Edit the "Agent Signature" field and then click save to add your personal agent signature to your Helpdesk replies. Remember, agent signatures will only appear if the settings checkbox is selected for the project of the ticket which is sending a reply.

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