Helpdesk Ticketing Portals

The Capacity Helpdesk is all about communication. Sometimes that's with internal employees, other times it's with external customers. For both, the way they interact with the support software can greatly impact their support experience. That's why we created the Public Ticketing Portal and Private Ticketing Portal.

To activate the Private or Public Portal, go to the Settings > Projects page, and select the project for which you want to make the Private or Public Portal accessible. From the project settings page, under the new Helpdesk Portal Settings section, select the option you wish to enable. Then click Save Changes.

Private Ticketing Portal

The Private Portal is specifically for authenticated users of Capacity Support. That means they must login to access the portal, and are users in the Capacity user list visible to Admins. Via the Private Portal, authenticated users can view a list of all of their reported tickets for projects which have the portal enabled

The private ticket portal can be reached via a link constructed using your organization ID.[your org id here]/tickets

If no projects have the portal active, users will see an empty page.

 From the Private Portal, users will be able to:

  1. View a list of all reported tickets (for projects with the portal active)
  2. Close their reported tickets
  3. Check the status and details of their reported tickets
  4. Send a response to the Helpdesk and thread participants
  5. Logout of the Private Portal

To learn more about the specifics of the Private Portal read the full documentation here.

Public Ticketing Portal

The Public Portal is for unauthenticated or anonymous users of Capacity Support. The Public Portal exposes individual tickets via a unique link shared in agent response emails. 

On the Public Ticket Portal, users can:

  1. Close their ticket
  2. Check the status and details of their ticket
  3. Send a response (if they can enter an email associated with the ticket)

To learn more about the specifics of the Public Portal read the full documentation here.

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