Forward Emails into Capacity Helpdesk

How can I forward emails into Capacity?

If you want to use an existing support email from your company's domain within the Capacity helpdesk, you can automatically forward your emails to Capacity. 

Each Capacity project has a unique email address tied to it. You can find this by going to Settings > Helpdesk > Inboxes. Once you have that email address, copy it and paste it as your new forwarding email address in your mail application.

What can I expect after I forward emails?

  • New emails from your customers will populate in Capacity's helpdesk
  • You can respond to those emails from Capacity's helpdesk
  • Replies from customers will add to the existing ticket
  • You can cc to add participants into the ticket thread

Can we use Google Groups to forward emails?

We highly recommend avoiding the use of Google Groups for forwarding purposes. Google will modify the "From" address to match the Google Group address and designate the original customer's email address as the "Reply To" address. This is a result of how Google manages strict DMARC policies. 

While Capacity does not support this method, we also do not block efforts to use this method, but we are not able to troubleshoot any issues caused by the use of a Google Group or email aliases. 

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