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Getting Started

Congrats on creating your Capacity Account! We’re thrilled for the opportunity to begin working together to automate support for your employees and customers. If you’re curious about our process or how quickly you can start realizing the value of Capacity, this guide will answer questions and provide the details you need to start doing your best work!

Two Steps to Launch

  1. Design Your Chat Bot
  2. Build Your Knowledge Base

Design the Chat Bot

Configure your chat bot with your branding, colors, logos, and a custom welcome message. 

  1. Navigate to the Settings icon in the left rail. Click Concierge under Chat Interfaces. Click the chat bot in the list. 
  2. Add a Concierge Name (internal name) and Bot Name (external name). Bot name must be 15 characters or less.
  3. Upload a Company Logo. This logo is displayed along the top bar of the concierge. Use a PNG file with a height that scales to 60px (120x,240x). The width can vary.
  4. Upload an Avatar. This avatar icon is displayed next to the Bot Name. Use a PNG file that scales to 40x40 (80x80, 400x400).
  5. Add a hex number as your color them. This color will appear on the top bar behind your logo, chat bubble, and background of the user's chat.
  6. Click Save in the top right corner. 

For more further chat bot customizations, read our set up articles and branding articles.

Build the Knowledge Base

Your chat bot will be as smart as you make it. 

  1. Start adding your knowledge by clicking the Knowledge Management icon in the left navigation.
  2. Add a dialogue using the Add button in the top right corner. A dialogue is a page of knowledge. 
  3. Give the chat bot access to the dialogue by clicking the eye ball icon in the top right. Select the Concierge Interface listed on the right. 
  4. Now, click Add exchange in the top right corner. 
  5. Type the inquiry (your question), choose Simple Message on the right. Click Save and Continue. 
  6. Type a response (your answer). Click Save on the bottom right of the text box.
  7. Your chat bot knows its first answer! 

For more details, read our exchanges best practices article.

Capacity Support

Support Site: You're here! To get to the homepage, click here.  

Chat: In the bottom-right corner of this page, you'll see Max Capacity. Open it up, and ask your question to receive an immediate response. If we can't get you that immediate response, we'll file a ticket for you with our Support Team.

Email: Email us at support@capacity.com. We are available 8AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday CST excluding Holidays. 

Platform Status: Please consider subscribing to Capacity Status Updates for real time platform status updates.

How do I add Capacity to my website?

To easily add Capacity to your website by adding a single line of Javascript to your website.

You can find the Javascript clicking Copy Code in Concierge Settings within the Settings Tab of the Agent console.

Refer to our Concierge Setup article for detailed instructions. 

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