Concierge Branding

Use the Theme tab to choose the chatbot name, logo, color, and location the concierge will sit on the page.

To access the Theme tab:

  1. Click Settings Gear in the left navigation bar
  2. Click Concierge in the left navigation panel
  3. Choose the Concierge you want to update
  4. Click the Theme Tab

To update the branding:

  1. Concierge Name: This is the internal name for your concierge.
  2. Bot Name: This is the external name for the bot users will see when chatting.
  3. Company Logo: This logo is displayed along the top bar of the concierge. Use a PNG file with a height that scales to 60px (120x,240x). The width can vary.
  4. Avatar Icon: This avatar icon is displayed next to the Bot Name. Use a PNG file that scales to 40x40 (80x80, 400x400).
  5. Color Theme: Add a hex number. This color will appear on the top bar behind your logo, chat bubble, and background of the user's chat.
  6. Page Position: This determines where your bot will reside on the web page.
    • Default: The concierge will be closed behind the chat bubble in the bottom right corner upon page load.
    • Pop up: The concierge will be open in the center on the page upon page load.
  7. To use this concierge in your Admin Console, click the check box at the bottom of the theme tab.

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