Concierge V2 (2.0) FAQs

  1. Why can't I click on any of the buttons while editing?
    1. When in concierge settings, there is a display of what the concierge will look like but it is not interactive.  To test the concierge 2.0 functionality you can go to where that concierge is active (in console, test site, etc.)
  2. Why am I triggering the no-match message when I click on a 2.0 option in my concierge?
    1. Each button in a Button Stack launches the user into an Exchange or Guided Conversation in your Knowledge Base.  Because of this, you'll want to ensure that each button matches an inquiry.  Otherwise clicking on a button could result in a no-match message if the inquiry does not exit in the KB or the user does not have access to the Exchange or Guided Conversation. Think of it as the user clicking what they'd ordinarily type to the concierge.
  3. Can I change the top header color on 2.0?
    1. Yes, if you would like to change the header color on the main screen of your concierge, you will just need to add the highlighted script in your JSON Editor, using whichever HEX# you like. 


  "theme": {

    "secondaryColor": "008dd2"


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