Concierge Teaser Message

Teaser Message

The Teaser Message is displayed above the chat bot icon. Teaser chips can be added to point the user to a frequently asked question in the Knowledge Base. Additionally, you can set up teaser chips that are dynamic based off of the page the user if visiting. Allowing you to surface relevant teasers for the specific page the user is on.

Setting Up Teasers

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click Concierge under Chat Interfaces and click on Concierge Bots.
  3. Select the Concierge to customize.
  4. Select Teaser Message.

Once on the Teaser Message tab, you will have the option to customize the default teaser message as well as create new, custom ones based on URL.

  1. URL Pattern: This will default to blank, meaning the Teaser Message will display on all pages that the Concierge Bot is displayed. If you would like to customize the teaser message and chips, then you can enter in a URL path or use regex  to define multiple URLs.
    1. If you define a URL path here, the Teaser message will only show up when it matches the URL path. If you want to put more complex matching criteria, you can use regex  to tell the system when to display the Teaser Message. Below are some examples of regular expressions for URL matching.
      1. If you want to match on URLs that contain abc.html or def.html or xyz.html, then the regex to enter would be


      2. If you want to match on a URL that does not contain abc.html, then the regex to enter would be


      3. If you want to match on URLs that contain state=MO and product=FHA, then the regex to enter would be 


  2. Teaser Message: This is the Teaser Message text. You can edit this text both on the default and any additional Teaser Messages you define.
  3. Teaser Chips: These are the single click buttons that show up underneath the Teaser Message. They are completely optional but can be a great way to lead customers down a specific conversation path.
    1. Click
    2. Type in a popular exchange inquiry from your Knowledge Base.
  4. Add Teaser: Our platform allows you to have more than one Teaser Message. This is really useful if you implement URL specific logic. To add another Teaser Message, click on the Add Teaser button.

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