Change Default Concierge

When changing the default concierge in an org:

  1. Navigate to Settings (gear icon) in the left hand navigation.
  2. Scroll down to Chat Interfaces and select Concierge. You will notice which Concierge is the current Default by the blue box on the right. There can only be one Default Concierge.
  3. Click on the Concierge you want to make the Default.

Once you are in the settings for a specific concierge scroll down until you see Use this Concierge in the CoPilot Console - then click the box on the left. You will know you have selected this concierge because the box will turn blue with a white check mark.

Navigate to the top right hand of the screen and select the blue Save Changes button. 

Then click on the Concierge button again (you can use the blue link at the top or under Chat Interfaces on the left hand navigation. This will take you back to screen where all of the Concierges are listed and you can confirm that you have changed the Default Concierge to the one you want.

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