LiveChat Jump-In

With Capacity's LiveChat Jump-In, agents have the ability to proactively engage with visitors to their website and invite them to join a live chat. As visitors browse your site, you can invite them to chat and offer any assistance or to proactively answer any questions they may have based on the page of the site they are on.

Below we will discuss how you can use this feature to enhance how you support your customers.

Live Chat Dashboard

Our LiveChat Dashboard is a real-time list of all of the visitors on your website, providing various pieces of information that can be helpful to your live chat agents.

Dashboard Columns

  • STATUS = Status of the visitor/user which include Unclaimed, Agent Requested, In Progress, Online, Inactive, Ended
  • VISITOR = Any information we may have for the visitor in Capacity, e.g. Name or email, otherwise it will just show "Concierge Visitor".
  • CONCIERGE = If your organization has more than one Concierge in various places, this will list the specific Concierge the visitor is interacting with.
  • TEAM = Which team is in the live chat. This will only show if the visitor is engaged in a chat.
  • AGENT = Which agent is in the live chat or has requested the live chat invite. This will also include the call to action buttons depending on the state of the chat. Options include:
    • Invite to Chat
    • Claim this Chat
    • Agent First/Last Name
    • Take Over the Chat 
  • CURRENT PAGE = what page the visitor is on
  • BROWSER = which browser the visitor is using
  • TIME = the amount of time the visitor has been on the site in minutes:seconds format.

Inviting to Chat (Jump-In)

From the Dashboard, agents will have the ability to invite active visitors on the site to engage in a live chat. We call this a LiveChat Jump-In. To do so, agents can click the Invite to Chat button.

Once this occurs, if the visitor has the concierge collapsed, they will see a message from the agent requesting to chat. If they have the concierge expanded, they will see a Request to Live Chat prompt inside of the conversation as shown below. Visitors can choose to Accept or Deny the chat request.

Chat Notifications

If a visitor denies your chat request, their status on the Dashboard will change to "User Denied". However, if they accept your chat, due to the asynchronous nature of when the request goes out and when the visitor accepts, we have added a new notification in the window for the agent. Agents who request a live chat will see the following notification in the window when the visitor accepts. Clicking on it will automatically claim the chat and bring the agent to the active chat window to begin their discussion. Agents can engage in multiple, simultaneous chats at once as they will be listed in their My Chats section.

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