Using the Microsoft O365 Integration

Once you have worked with your Customer Success Manager to set up your Microsoft Office 365 integration, you can use your chat bot to do the following things:


  • View your availability on a specific date
    • Show my availability for [DATE]
    • When am I free on [DATE]?
    • What times do I have free on [DATE]?
  •  View your calendar on a specific date
    • Show me my calendar for [DATE]
    • Show my meetings for [DATE]
    • Review my schedule for [DATE]
    • Show me my meetings for today
  • Schedule a meeting with a coworker(s)
    • Create an event for my team
    • Schedule a team meeting
    • Set up a group meeting
    • Set up a meeting with [PERSON]
    • Schedule a meeting with [PERSON]


  •     Search my emails for [PARAM1]
  •     Send an email
  •     Show my recent emails
  •     Show my unread emails


  • Search Sharepoint
  • Show me my recent Sharepoint files

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