Azure SSO Setup

Step 1: Create a new enterprise application

Step 2: Choose SAML

Step 3: Enter Entity ID/Reply ID

Capacity IDP:

Reply URL

Step 4: Add User Attributes Claims

You can’t edit existing claims, so you will need to add new ones.

  1. Name: first_name Source attribute: user.givenname
  2. Name: last_name Source attribute: user.surname
  3. Name: email Source attribute: user.mail

Step 5: Delete claims we didn’t create just now

Step 6: Add appropriate users/groups

Step 7: Provide your customer success manager with the federation Metadata URL


Error AADSTS50105 - The signed in user is not assigned to a role for the application.

In this case, the user has not been granted access to the application in Azure AD. You can refer to step 7 above, or you can use this quick start guide from Microsoft to appropriately assign users.

For more details on this error, you can refer to this Microsoft help page

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