Using Console SSO

All users of the Capacity Web UI console are assigned a username (an email address), and usually pick a password to gain access to the website.  Nearly every user would opt to use an account they already know to sign on - which is why we allow our customers to bring their own identity, with the right security controls in place.

Single sign-on enables users to provide their enterprise credentials to sign in, with no need to remember a Capacity-specific password.  While it takes some upfront work for the organization, once it's enabled, creating new users and logging in will be a breeze! 

If your organization has worked with Capacity Customer Success to configure and enable the feature, you'll see a slightly different experience upon logging in. 

First, navigate to , enter your email address and click Continue.

On the following screen, if your organization has properly configured single sign-on, and have set you up as a user of the Capacity web application, you'll see a button below Log In that says "Sign in with SSO", as shown below. 

Note: If you don't see this button, check with Capacity Support to see if your organization is properly configured, and check with your organization's IT administrators to ensure you've been given permission to use your identity in Capacity.

Click that button and you'll be taken to a familiar sign in screen - typically Microsoft, Okta, or Google.  It might look like this:

Once you've signed into that system, you should be returned to Capacity - with one fewer password to remember!

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