Capacity Insider Newsletter - Q1 2022

It's hard to believe we're already two months into 2022! To kick off the year we'd like to share some tips for one of our most powerful tools, Guided Conversations.

Form Card

Our collect info card is great at collecting information one question at a time. But sometimes you want to collect info all at once. Enter the form card. With this card, you can create a form directly in a guided conversation. Our form card is perfect for collecting borrower information, scenario reviews, and more. Here's how to build a form: 

All of the information you collected can be added to a Helpdesk ticket or email: 

Here's how the form appears in the concierge: 

Copy & Paste 

No need to start from scratch, you can copy and paste cards within a guided conversation:

Route to Inquiry 

One last tip in the spirit of saving time; the route to inquiry card allows you take users to a a previously created exchange or guided conversation. This card is especially useful when building your welcome message or suggesting related topics: 

Help us help you...

Report a Bug

If something seems off we want to know. You can report a bug to our Max Capacity support bot at

Customer Support

You've probably met your customer success manager but did you know there is an entire team of people dedicated to helping you? When you have questions you can contact our customer support team by emailing or selecting "Ask a Question" in the Max Capacity bot menu (pictured above). 

Thanks for taking a little time to read this. Don't forget that our Release Notes are updated each week, so be sure to review them for more details in real-time. You can always reference our Capacity Support site for additional information or reach out to

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