Workflow Retry Settings

Workflows are a powerful tool for automating any business process. Sometimes though, certain steps in a Workflow can fail, causing the entire process to grind to a halt. A common example of this is when a step that uses an App, or custom Dev Platform endpoint, fails due to temporary service interruptions. 

The new Workflow Retry Settings found on the new "Settings" tab of your Workflow will address these situations by allowing the Workflow to retry from the errored step a specified number of times. This setting will make your processes less brittle and more resilient to transient errors in the process.

To update your retry settings, enter the workflow builder page, then select the "Settings" tab at the top. The retry settings provide two options

  1. Retries - which sets the number of times the Workflow will attempt to retry from the errored step
  2. Retry Time - how much time to wait between each retry.

Use these settings on Workflows where retries might allow a previously failing Workflow to continue instead of stay in a state of failure.

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