Subject Matter Experts FAQs

Subject matter experts within an organization are responsible for writing and gathering FAQs for the Knowledge Base. We've put together the top FAQs to help SMEs better understand Capacity and their role within the implementation. 

What is Capacity? 

Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform that empowers teams and customers with instant access to information and automates repetitive tasks. Check out this 90 second video for a quick overview! 

What problems does Capacity solve and how will Capacity help me? 

  • Information will be instantly accessible through Capacity’s AI chatbot. You’ll no longer be bogged down answering repetitive questions and can focus on strategic goals and tasks that require higher-level thinking.

  • All of your company information will be centralized so you can ask the chatbot your questions. Capacity will reduce time spent searching through documents, looking back at old emails, and waiting for your teammates to answer simple questions.

  • Capacity can integrate with Encompass so loan information is easily retrieved and also quickly surface product and federal guidelines as well as proprietary overlays.

  • As you know, customers have a lot of questions and they want answers at all hours of the day, every day—including weekends and holidays. Capacity will give your customers instant access to all of our FAQs. 

How will I access Capacity? 

Once live, your Capacity chatbot will be accessible on your company intranet site and/or external website. Your project lead will add you as a Capacity Agent so you’ll have admin access to the Capacity console. You’ll receive a welcome email with login instructions.

What is my role? 

As a subject matter expert in your department, we need your help to power Capacity through compiling FAQs for your knowledge base. Capacity's comprehension and knowledge will improve over time and it's vital to get this information added in order to decrease the amount of human intervention required moving forward.

How do I do this? 

Capacity has provided commonly asked questions along with a templated response. For inquiries (variants) you would like included in the knowledge base simply update the response (output) as needed. You can delete exchanges that do not pertain to you. These questions can be edited directly in the knowledge base or Capacity can provide them in a .csv. 

After you review the provided questions, you can add additional content. Think about the repetitive questions you answer, documents you regularly reference, templated email responses you utilize, etc. We want your teammates to ask Capacity for answers moving forward.

How do I format my FAQs? 

Capacity recommends including 3-4 variations of how a question can be asked. Having multiple variants helps ensure the bot matches to an answer. You don’t need to think of every way to ask a question but think about different ways to phrase a question. For example, “How much time off do I get?” and “What is my vacation time?” are two very different ways of asking the same question. 

Try to keep your questions and responses short and sweet. Users will more easily consume shorter responses in a chatbot interface. Reiterate the inquiry variant in the response when possible. Having their inquiry repeated makes the user feel confident that the chatbot has given them the response to their question. For additional details view the Capacity support article here.

What if my question can’t be answered with a simple Q&A?

Capacity has a guided conversation feature that allows you to collect information or ask clarifying questions to help direct the conversation. Let your project lead know if you have a scenario that requires a guided conversation. 

What do I do with documents? 

The Capacity Cloud Drive gives you the ability to upload, download, and share files directly from the Capacity Console. You can also link to documents in your document repository. Your project lead will advise as to how documents will be handled. 

Can I continue to add and edit content before we go live? 

Yes! Feel free to continue to add additional FAQs. Even after the bot is launched the Knowledge Base will continue to grow and evolve. Once it’s time to begin testing, Capacity will conduct admin training and show you how to access and edit your content in the knowledge base. Agents are responsible for maintaining the knowledge base and resolving tickets when Capacity doesn’t know the answer or receives negative feedback to a response. You may be an Agent for your department or delegate this responsibility to others. 

Who can I ask for help?

Your implementation team and project manager are a great place to start but don't hesitate to reach out to with questions!  

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