SharePoint Modern

This guide will walk your Microsoft Administrator through adding the Capacity Web Concierge to a SharePoint Modern site. 

Step 1: Go to the SharePoint Admin Center, select More Features, and Open Apps.

Step 2: Click App Catalog

Step 3: Click “Apps for SharePoint”, “+ New”, and then upload the package found here.

Step 4: Go to the SharePoint site and click the “Site contents” tab

Step 5: Click “add an app”

Step 6: Click the “Modern Script Editor” app

Step 7: Wait for the SharePoint to finish adding, and confirm that the app shows up in the app list

Step 8: Enter page editor, add a new section 

This works best if placed near the top of the page where the section can show up without user scrolling, search for “script”, then locate and add the “Modern Script Editor” app into the section

Step 9: A “Modern Script Editor” web part should appear in the newly added section. Click the “Edit markup” button

Step 10: A sidebar should pop up on the right. Rename the title, turn on the ‘Remove padding’ so that the new section would not leave empty lines in the page, and finally click the ‘{}’ button to open up a code editor

Step 11: In the code editor, paste in the Concierge script code 

The concierge script code can be found in the concierge settings within the Capacity Admin Console.  Click here to see our Concierge Setup Article with step by step instructions.

Step 12: Confirm that the code shows up in the “Edit HTML Code” field and then close the sidebar

Step 13: Update the site by clicking the ‘Republish’ button

The Concierge widget should now show up and run normally on the page

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