Add Users to Capacity Platform

Add Agents (formerly known as CoPilots)

Agents are members of your team that can access the Capacity Console to add knowledge, build workflows, and more.

  1. Click the settings icon in the left menu bar.
  2. Select People under Org Management.
  3. Use the Add button in the upper right-hand corner to create a new user in the console.
  4. Insert their first and last name, email, assign them the role of Admin, and hit Save.
  5. Send new users this support doc if they need help logging in to the console.
Preset Roles

Preset roles provide more granular feature and access control for your users. Depending on the products available to your Capacity instance, you have the ability to assign roles for features and product lines. For a breakdown of each role's access, view this article. 

  • Admin
  • Chat User
  • Developer
  • Helpdesk Agent
  • Helpdesk Manager
  • Knowledge Manager
  • Live Chat Agent
  • Live Chat Manager
  • Survey Agent
  • Survey Manager

Add Chat Users

Chat users are people added to Capacity for the sole purpose of using your authenticated chatbot or interface. Chat users do not have access to the Capacity Console. 

Authenticated chatbots using our user APIs or SSO add users automatically every time the user signs into the authentication. 

However, you must manually add chat users to Capacity before they can use a 3rd party interface, such as Teams or Slack. To add chat users for a 3rd party interface, follow the instructions above and assign them the role of Chat User.

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