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The AI Variant Generator produces multiple high-quality variants of a given question while preserving its original meaning. By offering these diverse alternatives, the AI Variant Generator enables your chatbot to comprehend user queries more effectively, thereby delivering more accurate search results and hastening response times.

AI Variant Generator Advantages:

  1. Reduced Ticket Escalations: The AI Variant Generator enhances your chatbot's matching capabilities with existing knowledge, leading to fewer ticket escalations, incoming tickets, or live chats requiring agent intervention.

  2. Time Savings for Knowledge Managers: Free up valuable resources for your team with the AI Variant Generator, as it eliminates the need to manually create numerous question variations.

  3. Improved NLP Search Matching: By generating a variety of question variants, the AI Variant Generator significantly augments your chatbot's natural language matching proficiencies.

Setting up the AI Variant Generator

  1. Turn on AI Tools in Settings (if applicable)
  2. Edit an existing exchange or initiate a new one within your Knowledge Base.
  3. Click on the AI Tools icon (the brain symbol) to generate 10 high-quality variants based on the original question.
  4. Add all variants simultaneously or incorporate them individually as needed.

Current Limitations:

There may be a 20 second delay in generating results while the system is under heavy load. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we are actively working on enhancing performance to ensure a more seamless experience in the near future.

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