GSE GPT by Capacity

GSE GPT is Capacity's innovative search service that helps mortgage companies and financial institutions process and underwrite loans. This AI-powered solution, within the Capacity App Center, is designed to assist banking operations by seamlessly searching mortgage underwriting guidelines across all Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs) such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, Ginnie Mae and USDA. Through advanced prompting techniques and deep linking capabilities, GSE GPT by Capacity enhances the quality, speed, and reliability of GSE guideline access and interpretation.

Our GSE GPT by Capacity app is an optional installation that can be installed in the Capacity App Center.

AI-Powered Search & Machine Learning Infrastructure

At the heart of GSE GPT by Capacity is OpenAI's GPT-4, a cutting-edge AI model that understands natural language and generates accurate, human-like text. This machine learning model stratifies input queries and scans through GSE regulatory guidelines to provide precise, context-specific responses. The GPT technology implemented in GSE GPT ensures an intuitive user experience which significantly improves the search result quality.

The underlying infrastructure of our service is provided by Pinecone, the leading provider of machine learning services. Pinecone offers end-to-end management of machine learning models, facilitating seamless scalability and deployment. The marriage of Pinecone's infrastructure and OpenAI's GPT-4 under the hood of GSE GPT by Capacity allows for quick and reliable responses to complex questions, thereby expediting the loan processing timeline for Capacity customers.

Deep Linking

To ensure the reliability and relevance of responses, GSE GPT by Capacity employs advanced prompting methods which minimize 'hallucinations'.  Hallucinations refer to instances where AI generates misleading information. Our technologically advanced design minimizes the possibility of responses that deviate from the actual regulatory guidelines.

In addition, GSE GPT by Capacity offers a unique feature called 'deep linking' – a technique enabling users to link directly to specific sections within official guidelines and documents. Rather than sifting through hundreds of pages, users can navigate directly to the relevant sections, offering convenience and saving time.

How to Install:

1. Go to App Center and turn on  GSE GPT by Capacity®:

2. Go to the Knowledge Base > GSE GPT by Capacity® and select the authenticated Content Groups you want to give access to GSE GPT by Capacity®. In this case, since I want all of my underwriters to have access, I select the the authenticated Content Group called "Underwriting." 

3. Select the Guidelines to want to activate. We've created a "Search Guidelines" Guided Conversation to make it easy to Search Guidelines:

Menu in Web ConciergeMenu in authenticated interfaces like Slack and Microsoft Teams

4. Ask scenario questions:

In Closing

We hope this article has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of GSE GPT by Capacity®, its features, benefits, and installation process. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at its core, our aim is to streamline your loan processing operations by providing swift and accurate responses to complicated GSE guideline queries. You can now expedite your timeline, improve the quality of your search results and save valuable time with our deep linking feature. 

We prioritize your data's safety, ensuring high-standard security and compliance practices. If you have further queries or need additional assistance with installation, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. Thank you for choosing GSE GPT by Capacity® to enhance your financial operations.

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