Setting Up the AI Content Generator

The AI Content Generator is an innovative feature designed to enhance the Capacity platform by automatically mining your closed help desk ticket data into your knowledge base. This tool simplifies the process of generating Q&A pairs from closed tickets, which may be used to improve future interactions with the Capacity chatbot or Capacity Autopilot. This guide will walk you through the setup process and explain how to use this feature effectively.

Benefits of the AI Content Generator

  • Efficiency: Automates the creation of knowledge base content, saving time and resources.
  • Accuracy: Generates Q&A pairs that are relevant and based on actual closed tickets.
  • Scalability: Allows for the handling of multiple projects and the continuous expansion of your knowledge base.

How the AI Content Generator Works

The AI Content Generator operates on a daily cycle to ensure your knowledge base is continuously updated with relevant content. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

  1. Ticket Analysis: Every evening, the AI Content Generator scans all successfully closed tickets from the day. It analyzes the content of these tickets, learning from the interactions and solutions provided.
  2. Content Generation: Based on its analysis, the AI Content Generator creates Q&A pairs. These pairs are designed to reflect the issues and solutions found in the closed tickets, providing a valuable resource for future similar queries.
  3. Quality Check: An AI agent then reviews the generated content. This agent checks for relevance, accuracy, and clarity, ensuring the content meets the high standards of your knowledge base.
  4. Content Placement: The AI agent performs a dynamic lookup to determine where the new content should be stored in your knowledge base. If the AI agent cannot confidently determine the appropriate location, it will leave the destination field empty for manual input.

Please note that the AI Content Generator will create up to 75 pieces of content per active project. To maintain efficiency and avoid content overload, the AI will only generate new content once the existing queue has been curated. This means you need to approve or decline the generated content before more is created. This ensures your knowledge base remains manageable and high-quality.

Determining Which Projects to Enable AI Content Generator On

Choosing the right projects to enable the AI Content Generator on is crucial to maximize its benefits. Here are some criteria your team should consider:

  1. Volume of Tickets: Projects with a high volume of closed tickets are ideal candidates. This could be a leading indicator on areas you can automate. The more data the AI Content Generator has to work with, the more accurate and relevant the generated Q&A pairs will be.
  2. Relevance of Tickets: Consider the relevance of the tickets to your current operations. If a project deals with issues that are no longer relevant or have been resolved, it might not be beneficial to enable the AI Content Generator for that project.
  3. Recurring Issues: If a project has a lot of recurring issues with common solutions, it might be beneficial to enable the AI Content Generator. The generated Q&A pairs can help address these recurring issues more efficiently in the future.
  4. Complexity of Issues: Projects that deal with complex issues can benefit from the AI Content Generator. The tool can help simplify these issues into understandable Q&A pairs, making it easier for your team to handle similar issues in the future.

Once you've identified the projects that meet these criteria, you can proceed to enable the AI Content Generator for them. Remember, you can always adjust your selections as your projects and needs evolve. Regularly reviewing the performance and relevance of the AI Content Generator for each project will ensure you're getting the most out of this feature.

Setup Process

Enable AI Tools

  1.    Navigate to "Settings > AI Settings".
  2.    Ensure that AI tools are enabled.

Configure AI Content Generator

  1.    Within the AI Settings, locate the "AI Content Generator" section.
  2.    Choose to use either an Internal or External AI model to generate Q&A content.
  3.    Click Save.

Project and Ticket Status Configuration

  1. View the list of projects integrated within the Capacity Help Desk.
  2.  For each project, activate the AI Content Generator and specify the ticket status that indicates a successful closure (e.g., "Done").
  3.  You can select multiple projects or just a few, depending on your preference.
  4. Save changes

The AI Content Generator processes data every evening, creating Q&A pairs from the closed tickets of the specified status.

Reviewing and Managing Generated Content

Approve or Decline Content

  1. Approximately 24 hours after activation, a new AI icon on the top right of the Capacity console.
  2. Review the automatically generated Q&A pairs.
  3. For each pair, decide whether to approve or decline it.
  4. Approved content is saved to the recommended directory, or you can edit the directory as needed.
  5. Declined content is removed and similar future content will be minimized.

Bulk Management Options

  1.    Use checkboxes to select multiple Q&A pairs.
  2.    Mass approve, decline, or move content to a specific directory.


The AI Content Generator is a powerful tool that leverages generative AI to enhance your knowledge base, making your bot smarter and your operations more efficient. By automating the content generation process, Capacity allows you to focus on more strategic tasks and improve overall service quality.

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