Guided Conversations in 3rd Party Interfaces

There are some feature limitations when adding a Capacity application to a third party interface such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. 

  • Dropdown cards are limited to 60 characters in length (desktop) 25 characters (mobile). For additional lines there must be double breaks in between the lines of text.

  • Multiple path card buttons are limited to 25 characters (mobile).

  • Multiple path card is limited to six paths. If there are more than six (you can have up to nine), it converts the paths to a string and the user would need to respond with a number. 

  • Autocomplete does not work.

  • Text input disabling does not work.

  • Multiple select on the dropdown card does not render (desktop & mobile).

  • Rating cards does not render (desktop & mobile). 

  • Date/time cards does not render (desktop & mobile). 

  • Form card does not render.

  • File upload card does not work.

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