Capacity Articles is a self-service support publishing platform housed inside of Capacity Console. 

Key Benefits:

  • Branded customer-facing site
  • Knowledge base for publishing self-service content
  • Dedicated Web Concierge to submit tickets, facilitate livechats and handle natural language queries.

Your end users can use the information in the knowledge base. If they can't find an answer, they can submit a ticket. Capacity Copilots can use the knowledge base to help solve tickets faster.

Site Structure

Capacity Sites  official content provided by your company or organization. The Knowledge Center consists of folders and articles.


Sites house all of the content around a dedicated topic.


Folders are the top-level article repositories in a site. A Capacity Site must have at least one category. Articles cannot be placed at the top-level of a Site.


Articles house content such text, images and videos.

Turning on a Capacity Site

To turn on a Capacity site follow these steps: 

  1. Log into Capacity Console
  2. Go to the Capacity Knowledge Base
  3. Scroll down to the "Sites" and click
  4. Go to Site Settings in the right rail
  5. Turn on Site (Note: While your site is in development, it is best ensure the ROBOTS configuration is turned to noindex)

Steps to Launch a Capacity Site

These are the steps you can take to prepare your Capacity Site for Launch:

Configure Your Domain

By default, the address to your Capacity Site is set as a Capacity subdomain such as  

  • Email your Capacity CSM with the (sub)domain where this site will be permanently located. 
  • They will email simple instructions to on updating your DNS from to

Adjust the look and feel of your web site by going to Site Settings.

  • Upload your logo and favicon
  • Update your Site Colors
  • Add custom CSS overrides to make further customizations
  • Select a Concierge to answer natural language queries.

Set Articles to Published

  • Make sure all of the Articles you want publicly accessible are set to Published (or ensure they are scheduled)

Test your Capacity Site

  • To ensure your site looks great in all major browsers, view your site in different browsers/devices that your readers use

Go Live

The last step to publishing your new site is by going to Site Settings and turning it to live.

Private Sites

Normal sites are designated as Public - meaning they are accessible on the web to anyone who reaches the url. With Private Sites, only logged in Capacity Bot Users of your org will have access to this knowledge. 

Private Sites are designated by the lock icon. You can also add an authenticated Concierge to these sites as well.

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