Create an Article

To create an Article, first navigate to your Knowledge Base (lightbulb), then scroll down on the left hand navigation until you see SITES. From there you can select the folder or create a new folder to hold your Article. 

After you have created or chosen a folder for your article, you can select the add button at the top. This will be similar to adding a new exchange to your Knowledge Base. 

The name of the article will appear at the top of the article. If you wish to change the name, you can hover over the existing name and click. This will allow you to edit the name. 

In the box that says "Add article text" you can begin typing and formatting your article. 

As you enter information, there are lots of formatting options listed just under the Article Name.

When there are three lines next to an option, it means you can hover over it or click and more options will appear.  For example, if you click on the More Text option, you will be given more text options. 

Furthermore, if you click on the arrow next to the letters, you will be given even more font formatting options for fonts.

Similarly, if you select  the More Paragraph option, you can adjust the sizing on headers, bullets, spacing and etc. These options allow you to keep your article organized and cohesive. 

Images can be added by clicking the small photo icon towards the right of the menu options. You can click and drop an image or upload something from your computer. The cloud icon will allow you to drop your image in. When you have added an image to the article, you can resize and adjust the image by grabbing the image in the corner and moving your cursor to make it bigger or smaller. You can also adjust the spacing by changing the alignment. 

To add a link, simply click the link icon to the right of the cloud icon, and you can insert a webpage. 

In order to add a video or a table, click the + sign (More Rich) on the right of the menu. There you will see options for adding:

  • Video - insert a hyperlink to the video
  • Table - create lines and type into the lines to create the table, add lines as needed. To edit the table you have created, hover over the cells you select and you will have options for more tools and formatting within the table. 
  • Emoticons - choose from your favorites
  • Horizontal Lines - use lines to create spacing within the article 

When you have finished drafting your article, you can navigate up to the Save button on the top right. You can select Save and then you have some options. Publish Now (publish immediately), Schedule Article (set a date for publish), or Expire (move the article to Expired, or out of date).

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