Can I Embed a Video?

Yes, In order to add a video click the + sign (More Rich) on the right of the menu. There you will see options for adding:

  • Video - insert a hyperlink to the video
  • Table - create lines and type into the lines to create the table, add lines as needed. To edit the table you have created, hover over the cells you select and you will have options for more tools and formatting within the table. 
  • Emoticons - choose from your favorites
  • Horizontal Lines - use lines to create spacing within the article 

From there you can Embed a Video with the URL or Code. (Tip: When starting a new line, you can click the "+" icon and do a quick insert) 

How is a Table of Contents Generated?

A table of contents is automatically created and put at the top of your article for any headers that is using Heading 2/3/4/5:

Having a Normal format will not create the Table of Content. 

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