Sites Fine Grained Access

Sites Fine Grained Access allows users with the correct roles to control viewing and edit access to articles and folders in Public and Private sites.

Use the "eye icon" to open the access control modal, which lets users specify to which articles and folders teams or content groups should have access. Public sites and private sites have different access setting options defined by their use case.

Public Sites FGA
The Public Sites access modal only allow customers to limit who can edit articles in the console. Since public site articles are “public”, all users with sites access can “view” public articles by default in both the console and on the site.

Changing the "Teams" access dropdown from "Can View" to "Can Edit" will allow users in that team and who have the correct role to edit the article or folder. Users without "Can Edit" access will be unable to add new content to folder or edit articles.

Private sites FGA
Private sites allow customers to limit who has access to view or edit articles and folders both in the console, and on the public facing site. 

Sites Access Tab
Selecting a content group's checkbox in the "Sites Access" tab will make it so users in that group can see the published articles or folder on the site. If the checkbox is not selected, then the users in that group not see that article unless they are the creator of the content, or have console access. 

Console Access Tab
The "Console Access" tab allows users to select a team and limit access in the Web Console for users of that team. Options include:

  1. No access - The users in the team will not be able to see the folder or article in the Console
  2. Can View - The users in the team can view the folder or article
  3. Can Edit - The users in the team can edit (and view) the content of the folder or the article

Important notes

  1. Changing sites or console access on a folder will cascade those permission to all child folders and articles.
  2. "Sites Access" controls what users can see articles on the site itself
  3. "Console access" controls what users (who have access to the sites product) can view or edit articles in the console
  4. Public sites articles are visible to all by default, only console edit access can be changed
  5. Private sites can limit view and edit access in both the site and console
    1. Private site access to an article will ensure the user can see all parent folders which are part of the path to access that article. Other articles without access will be hidden.
    2. Users with can view or can edit "Console Access" will be able to see articles on the site even if they are not part of a "Sites Access" group. i.e. If the user can see the article in the Console, they will be able to see it on the site.
  6. Knowledge Base Manager and Admin roles have access to all content. 

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