Article Versioning & History

Sometimes it's necessary to undo a change or roll back to an older version of an article. With article versioning and history you can do just that. Articles will keep a version of each save you make, making it easy to go back to an older version and revert your changes. In addition article versions includes content diffing. Content diffing shows each individual change made in your document between versions. You'll be able to clearly see the changes you've made to your article between versions.

Article History

To access your article versioning and history first navigate to your selected article. Then, from the article details and drafting page select the more icon and "see version history". This will take you to the version history page where you can select different versions to which you can revert your article.

Once on the version history page. Select a version from the left panel, then click "Restore" in the top right corner to set the selected version as your current version. After confirming, you will be taken back to your old version of the article for editing.

Note: Reverting to an older version creates a "new entry" in the version history, keeping all past versions alongside a copy of the selected version as the "newest" article version.

Article Version Details Panel

When a new version is created, there will be a panel on the right side that provides a list of the things changed in that version. This also includes the version author and timestamp.

Change to the following items will trigger a new version:

  • Updating the Published status
  • Modifying the Title
  • Modifying the article body content
  • Leaving an internal article comment
  • Updating the Article Approval status

Content Diffing

Article history comes with the handy content diffing feature to help you clearly see the difference between two versions. Content diffing includes indicators that show what was added, edited, or removed between an older and newer version of an article. The older article in the history will show the changes made to get to the newer article in the history timeline. An example of how the changes are displayed is shown below.

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