Teams Bot Set Up

Installing Your Microsoft Teams App. Once your Customer Success Manager sends you your custom Teams app package, you will need to add the custom app to your Microsoft Teams. Open Microsoft Teams on y…

Sammie Stephens
Updated 2 months ago by Sammie Stephens

Encompass Integration

Capacity customers use our Encompass integration to retrieve information from the Encompass platform. In this article, we outline the set up instructions, and the types of responses available in the…

Dana Ivancic
Updated 3 weeks ago by Dana Ivancic

Microsoft Teams Notifications

STEP ONE: Configure a connector to your channel. While hovering over the channel click the three dots. This will open a menu. In the menu click connectors. STEP TWO: Locate "Incoming Webhook". This c…

Dana Ivancic
Updated 2 weeks ago by Dana Ivancic

Office 365 Integration

This three step guide will walk your Microsoft Administrator through how to create the Capacity App integration in Microsoft Azure. STEP 1: Register Capacity Application. Log into Microsoft Azure as…

Dana Ivancic
Updated 4 weeks ago by Dana Ivancic