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Helpdesk Overview

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The Helpdesk hosts all user communication, including all Feedback and Inbound Tickets—all in one location. To navigate to the Helpdesk, click the Inbox icon located in the upper left-hand corner of the Console in the blue navigation bar. 

The Helpdesk is divided into three main sections: Ticket List, Detail Overview Screen & Ticket Details.

Ticket List

All user Inquiry and Feedback Tickets will appear in the Ticket List. The Ticket List is located on the left side of the Capacity Console and is designed to help CoPilots quickly locate tickets.

This area of the Helpdesk will show a high level overview of the ticket information including the Ticket name, Time/Date created, and who has been assigned the ticket.

Detail Overview Screen

The majority of a CoPilot's time will be spent in the Detail Overview Screen. This section of the Helpdesk is located in the center of the Helpdesk console. This is where you will complete any task or action needed to resolve the ticket.

There are three main areas of the ticket overview:

  • Description: This is where you can discover what the user is trying to accomplish with the ticket.
  • User Information: This is where CoPilots can view any information collected from the user.
  • Tasks: This is where you are able to update stored information/answers related to the ticket.

NOTE: For more information on how to respond to Inquiry and Feedback Tickets, check out the Responding to Tickets article.

Ticket Details

Ticket details includes all information related to the status of a ticket. Ticket details are located in the panel on the right-hand side of your Helpdesk Console.

Ticket Status

Ticket status allows you to keep track of the progress of your ticket. The following ticket statuses are available:

  • To Do
  • In Progress
  • Done

Assigned Group

Assigned Group allows you to associate the ticket to a specific group (Example: Link questions about company benefits to the Human Resource group).

Once a ticket is assigned to a group, all CoPilots in that group will receive an email alert to notify them of the new ticket.

Assign To

Assign to gives CoPilots the option to assign tickets to an individual in their organization. Individuals assigned a ticket will receive an email alert to notify them of the new ticket.

Ticket History

Ticket history shows the history of the ticket.

Chat History

Chat history shows a record of how the end user interacts with the Capacity chat bot.


Filters enable CoPilots to display inquiries by their status, helping them quickly locate any inquiries that need attention. 

You can filter your view using the following options:

  • Status (To Do, In Progress, or Done)
  • Workflows (Example: Show only Helpdesk, or only LiveChat tickets)
  • People in your organization
  • Groups in your organization.

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